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At my firm, my goal is to build relationships with clients while advocating for their best interests throughout family law conflicts. I will be there for you during your toughest decisions.

Providing Customized Solutions For Clients Throughout The Greater Houston And Galveston Areas Of Texas Since 1999

Set Yourself Up For Success After Divorce

Even an amicable divorce can be stressful. You and your former spouse will need to make difficult decisions pertaining to your assets, retirement funds, where to live and many other things that will affect your future. Because nobody expects to get divorced, many people haven’t considered the answers to these questions. This can lead to fear of the unknown, of making the wrong decision and of starting out the next chapter of your life on the wrong foot.

I can bring clarity to the situation. After practicing law for over 20 years, I have helped thousands of clients feel confident about the divorce process. I know what questions to ask and when to advocate for a better deal, whether that is in negotiations or in court. I can help set you up for success in the next stage of your life.

Meet Jana Landry

Jana Landry is a former nurse and doctor of chiropractic medicine. We’re family owned. Jana Landry has received her education from Texas Southern University. She has been effectively representing clients in family law and civil law cases for over 20 years. She has a great reputation as an effective attorney with a depth of experience in Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria counties. 

Jana Landry
Expertise | Best divorce lawyers in League City | Jana Landry | 2021
Expertise | Best divorce lawyers in League City | Jana Landry | 2021

Make Knowledgeable Decisions For Your Children

One of the first questions that parents ask during a divorce is, “how can I make this easier on my children?” I have the answer. If you have children, I will evaluate your situation based on what’s best for their needs and their futures. Not only will I advocate for you, but I will also advocate fiercely for your child’s best interests. There are many ways to divide child custody, including partial custody, sole custody, physical custody and legal custody. I can help you find an arrangement that suits your situation.

Rely On Me When Your Divorce Becomes Difficult

As a solo practitioner, you can count on me to be with you every step of the way. You will always have access to me, and you can trust that I will be communicative, open and honest about your situation. Divorce is difficult but having a good relationship with your attorney can make it easier. I’m committed to building strong, trusting relationships with my clients so they know they can lean on me when their divorce becomes difficult.