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What to keep in mind when divorcing in your 20’s

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2021 | Divorce

Texas allows for no-fault divorces, meaning you and your spouse just don’t work well together. This is a frequent reason for divorce in couples that are in their 20s and 30s.

While it can be hard to figure out how to navigate a divorce at any age, it can feel especially challenging when you’re just getting your start in life. As you navigate your divorce, there are a few things to mind.

Understand your assets

While Texas does allow for no-fault divorces, sometimes there’s at-fault divorces that can be messier than average. It’s important to know what assets you have, what assets you shared with your spouse, and how you plan to split those.

If you and your spouse share children, take time to work out a custody agreement with your spouse rather than wait for the court to decide. It’s also important to figure out how to support yourself if you depended on your spouse for income.

Take time to process the divorce

If you got married at a young age, it’s most likely your first relationship. This can make the divorce hit harder and leave you feeling very lost regardless of who actually filed for the divorce.

It’s important to take some time after a divorce to figure out what you want from your new life. While there’s plenty of options to jump right back into the dating scene, consider talking to a therapist to process all of the emotions that come with this process.

Get good legal representation

Every divorce is different, but even the most amicable divorces need good lawyers. Having good legal representation going into a divorce can make it easier going forward, and make sure that you’re truly advocating for yourself. Reach out to a lawyer today.