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Finding A New Normal For Your Children

When a couple separates, the most important decisions they make will revolve around their children. I am Jana Landry, and I founded Jana Landry Attorney at Law in order to help people. I have worked with clients throughout Texas since 1999. I take the time to address your concerns so you can feel more confident moving forward.

Understanding The Different Types Of Custody

Every family is unique, which means there is no “one size fits all” solution. After analyzing your situation, I can provide you with a myriad of options that might work for you. Child custody arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. In order to understand them, I have included a brief explanation here:

  • Legal custody means that you are responsible for making all decisions for your child. This includes where they go to school and what doctor they may see.
  • Physical custody refers to where the child will live. The parent in these cases is known as the “possessory conservator”. The word “conservator” is used because “conservatorship” is often used in place of the word “custody”.
  • Partial custody is when parents share responsibility, but not equally. One parent will typically be the primary custodial parent, while the one with partial custody is considered the noncustodial parent. Their time with their child and the decisions they can make are limited.
  • Sole custody means that one parent is accountable for anything and everything related to their child and their wellbeing.

It’s important to know that these arrangements can be modified as time goes on. As time progresses, your child’s needs may change. Whether you are just getting started or need to make a revision, I can help you navigate this process.

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