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Does divorce cost the same everywhere?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce is often an overwhelming time for both parties. Unfortunately, the process comes with some unprecedented costs that may affect your financial situation. One of the common issues during the divorce is its total cost. However, there are no fixed costs on divorce. In Texas, the total amount will depend on the attorney costs, fees, mediation and other factors.

How much does divorce cost?

Most people are not aware of the cumulative cost of a divorce. Apart from the divorce fees and legal representation, there are other costs to account for. When filing for divorce, also consider alimony and property division. Although these amounts can differ depending on your income and other responsibilities, attorney fees and court costs are often constant. Before filing for a divorce, research the average divorce fees for your state.

Who covers the court fees?

In most situations, the spouse filing for the divorce is responsible for most of the fees. They are the petitioner, while the other spouse is the respondent. The petitioner needs to pay the court fees, costs incurred when preparing the paperwork, and their legal costs. In some cases, the respondent is the cause of the divorce, and they might be ordered to meet the legal fees of the petitioner.

Claiming divorce costs

Before a divorce, it’s advisable for the spouses to agree on the costs. Doing so prior to the hearing reduces further court disputes since the spouses have come to an amicable solution. If the spouses disagree, the petitioner may ask the court to decide who should be responsible for paying the costs.