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Be careful how you use social media during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Divorce

Texas residents who are going through a divorce should be aware of the role social media can play in the proceedings. While many people use social media regularly without thinking much about what they are posting or what is being posted about them, during divorce, these posts can become evidence.

Social media posts affect others emotionally

While you may use social media posts to vent your feelings related to the divorce, those posts can affect others emotionally. If you are a parent, your children may read the posts and be hurt by what you are saying about their other parent. The posts can also antagonize your ex-spouse.

Your posts on social media can be used to represent who you are

The things you post on social media, or what others may post about you, can be used in court to help paint a picture of who you are even if these posts do not truly represent you. What you post online is considered public domain, so photos of you partying or drinking too much or out and about with a new love interest can potentially hurt you during divorce negotiations or a custody battle.

Divorce is the time to be cautious and value your online privacy

Since your ex can use your social media posts during your divorce, being cautious and prioritizing your online privacy may be the best path to take. During this time, there are many types of social media posts to avoid, including ones that:

  • Speak negatively about your ex-spouse
  • Share the intimate details about your therapy journey
  • Present you as an unfit parent
  • Disclose information you may not want everyone to know

Showing restraint online will serve you positively during the divorce process. You can seek advice and guidance from your divorce team and support from close family members and friends.