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Finding hidden assets in a high-net-worth divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | High-Asset Divorce

If you are preparing to begin negotiations during a high-net-worth divorce in Texas, you will need to identify all your assets. If you do not trust your spouse, you might be worried that they are keeping hidden assets from you. You will need to find them to negotiate a truly fair settlement.

Begin with the documentation you already have

The first step in discovering your spouse’s hidden assets is by identifying and gathering the documentation you already have. This might include:

  • Statements from savings and investment accounts
  • Deeds and titles to property
  • Tax returns
  • Retirement account statements

Once you have all this documentation, you should review it to ensure that there are no missing statements or documents. You might find that some of the things listed in the documents are unexplained, which might reveal secret accounts or monetary gifts they might have received from family members.

Do some investigative work

Another way you can attempt to find hidden assets before your high-net-worth divorce negotiations is by investigating your spouse. You can start by looking at their social media accounts for clues to hidden assets such as photographs of expensive things or property they might have acquired. You can also look at their history of gift-giving, particularly if there is no clear explanation for expensive gifts given by them.

Use your legal options

You may have legal options for uncovering hidden assets. You can depose your spouse before the negotiations so that they can answer questions about their financial situation in front of both your lawyers. These answers can then be used in court if necessary. In addition, you can legally request that your spouse disclose their assets, which they are bound by law to do honestly within the required time set by the court.