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Is nesting an option for divorcing parents?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Child Custody

Divorce brings dramatic and unsettling changes to people’s lives. The persons involved are not only the divorcing spouses but also any children in the family. Parents may understand that divorce is challenging and stressful for their children, so they may be willing to take additional steps to make things easier. One idea involves “nesting” the Texas home. By “bird-nesting” the property, the parents could reduce unhealthy disruptions in the children’s lives.

Nesting for the children

Nesting refers to allowing the children to stay in the family home after a divorce concludes. Regardless of which ex-spouse owns the home, the two parents would move in and out during the year. However, the children remain inside the house all year.

Allowing the children to reside in the same home means they won’t need to change schools or make new friends. The children won’t undergo the stress of relocating to another environment, which could be highly unfamiliar to them.

Overall, nesting provides stability for the young ones, which could be beneficial. And the parents may find value in the arrangement too.

Benefits to the parents

When someone knows he or she will live in the family home for six months out of the year, he or she could budget accordingly. Not having to pay rent on an apartment for six months may help an ex-spouse financially.

Access to rooms in the home and a garage has some value. An ex-spouse may not need to relocate belongings or pay monthly storage fees.

Of course, a parent then stays with the children when living with them part of the year. That means everyone spends more time together than would be the case with other child custody arrangements.

By the time the children grow up, the house could appreciate in value significantly. The property’s owner may be able to plan for retirement better than might have been the case had the home been sold as part of a divorce settlement.