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Making the holidays easier for kids post-divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce is hard for the children of Texas parents. During the holidays, painful emotions that may have been suppressed all year can come up to the surface. Holidays bring up a lot of old memories, so this time can be especially difficult for children.

Plan ahead and communicate honestly

If you’re a parent going through a recent divorce, it’s important to plan the holidays well in advance. Your children may be spending Christmas with just one parent rather than as a family, and this could be difficult for them emotionally. It will be much easier if they understand what’s going on ahead of time instead of getting surprised by it at the last minute.

Celebrate together if possible

It’s not always possible to spend a peaceful holiday together as divorced parents. However, if you are able to get along with your ex-spouse, planning a holiday together may be easier on your kids. You may be able to do this successfully by setting ground rules like:

  • No new romantic partners invited
  • No alcohol
  • No bringing up past conflicts

Honor old traditions and create new ones

Continuing to honor old holiday traditions can give children of divorced parents a lot of comfort. If your kids always bake gingerbread men with you, for example, you can still keep the tradition alive. Since there’s no denying that things are different now, this year may also be a great time to create new traditions. Sometimes, filling the holidays with a lot of activities can provide a much-needed distraction for kids that are going through a difficult time in their lives.