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Assistance from a psychologist in custody cases

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Child Custody

When you’re in the middle of a child custody case in Texas, you might find that your children experience emotions that they can’t describe. There could be a financial strain, depression, and fear that your children feel throughout the process of determining which parent will have full custody or if there will be a joint agreement put in place. A forensic psychologist could be beneficial to talk to in this situation.


One of the reasons to consider a forensic psychologist during a child custody case is that they can review the regulations and laws of the state and ensure that they are followed through. A psychologist could be contacted if there is a situation that involves child abuse or if there are drugs involved in the case in order to determine if the parents are healthy or stable enough to maintain custody of the child. The goal of the evaluation is to determine the relationship that the child has with each parent and how the child performs in school and in daily situations with each parent.


During a custody case, a psychologist could be asked to work with attorneys and other court professionals to offer advice about the best solution for the child. They could also consult with parents as they prepare for questioning so that they understand the structure of the questions that are asked and how to answer the questions with enough detail. A psychologist could also assist in helping with making a parenting plan and could also testify in court on behalf of the parents or the child.

When assistance might be needed in a custody case, a forensic psychologist can consult with children and parents and can often advise on the best outcome for the children involved.