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Things to consider before choosing to get a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2022 | Divorce

Most Texas married couples do not easily come to the conclusion that they want a divorce. If you’re considering going this route, you must ask yourself certain questions beforehand.

Do you want to save the marriage?

Ending your marriage is not something to take lightly. If you and your spouse have been having problems for some time, you might consider getting a divorce. However, before you make such a drastic decision, you should ask yourself whether you want to save the marriage. Taking steps such as marriage counseling could make a difference in whether or not you end up in divorce court.

How will divorce affect your children?

If you have minor children, you might want to ask how your divorce would affect them. It’s common for parents to experience significant guilt after a divorce. In the future, you and your spouse will probably have new partners and possibly remarry, so that will also affect your children. If you have stepchildren from a new marriage, there are many ways that could impact your kids.

Do you still have feelings for your spouse?

You should ask yourself whether you still have feelings for your spouse. Many people who get divorced still love their spouse but realize that the marriage just isn’t working. If you feel personally unfulfilled or there’s a major problem in the marriage such as domestic violence or addiction, love is probably not enough.

What do you want from a divorce?

This question involves what you wish to gain in your personal life after a divorce. Are you seeking your personal freedom, hoping to find yourself or looking to start a new life as an independent person? Whatever your answer, you should be clear with what you want before filing.