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Navigating your finances through divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Divorce

If you’re going through a divorce in Texas, then you could expect various emotions that you’ll deal with as well as the physical changes that can take place in your home. However, there are financial issues that are often associated with this phase of life as well.


One of the common issues regarding finances in a divorce is the division or property that you share. This could be anything from family photos and furniture to your home and cars. If you’re able to communicate with your spouse, then it’s possible to come to a conclusion about who gets what. However, the court could step in and decide who gets each piece of property if you’re not able to discuss your assets in a civil manner with each other.


Even though you’re no longer together, one of the financial issues that you’ll need to deal with is any debt that you share with your spouse. This could be in the form of vehicle payments, house payments, credit card debt or medical bills. A copy of your credit report can show you exactly what debts are in your name and which ones are in both names so that these financial details are shared as they should be instead of one person paying for everything if both people owe the debt.


When it comes to filing taxes, you’ll usually find that filing separately is the best option. If you have children together, then one of you could claim the children one year while the other claims them the following year.

Through the process of divorce, one of the details that often comes up is finances and how to share everything in a fair manner.