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What are the odds of doctors’ marriages ending in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Divorce, High-Asset Divorce

Divorce is all too common among Texas residents of every background. However, some marriages have challenges that might make divorce more common.

A survey was done to see the divorce trends in different careers and occupations. The survey found that around 27 percent of lawyers had gone through a divorce, compared to 22 percent of physicians. Other health-related occupations that were in the survey include:

  • 22 percent of dentists
  • 21 percent of pharmacists
  • 37 percent of nurses
  • 31 percent of healthcare executives

Why are doctors and healthcare workers more likely to get divorced?

There are a lot of challenges that come with being a doctor or healthcare worker. Doctors often work long, stressful hours which can create tension in their home life.

One spouse being gone can make the other spouse feel neglected or overwhelmed with housework and childcare. This can cause tension and arguments between couples.

It’s not uncommon for healthcare workers to be overwhelmed, stressed or even emotionally compromised by their job even when home. This can lead to more arguments and the couple not feeling close.

There hasn’t been a large-scale study about why doctors get divorced, so these are only theories. However, if true, these things over time can lead to tensions or divorce.

How does this compare to non-doctors?

People in other professions – such as media or communications – tend to get divorced at a lower rate, according to the study. This might be because they’re less stressed overall.

Further, there’s a huge trend of doctors marrying other doctors or healthcare workers. This might be due to proximity, or just because it might be easier to bond with someone who understands their experiences.

However, no profession is safe from divorce. Many factors beyond a person’s occupation can lead to the end of a marriage.