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Does divorce affect your child’s grades?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Divorce

Hundreds of Texas couples file for divorce every year. After years of conflict, ending the relationship might be the right choice. However, parents are often concerned that getting a divorce will hurt their children both socially and academically.

Divorce and stress

Major life changes are stressful for everyone involved. Divorce, remarriage, job loss and other events will impact the family system. Every member of the family must adjust to their new reality.

These types of stressors can affect the emotional, social and mental well-being of family members. They may exhibit signs of anxiety or depression, often affecting academic performance.

Divorce and academic performance

It is inaccurate to say that divorce universally causes a child’s grades to drop. Instead, a change in academic performance may be a symptom that the child is struggling with the change. While it is important to encourage academic achievement, it is also critical to acknowledge the child’s mental health needs.

Parents should also look for other signs that stress is affecting their children. They will want to examine changes in their social lives, physical health and sleep patterns. Addressing unhealthy changes quickly can prevent them from becoming permanent.

In some cases, divorce can relieve family stress. If the atmosphere of the home was always tense, ending the marriage allows the family system to relax. There will still be a brief time of adjustment to a new custody arrangement, but children may soon return to their previous academic level.

Planning for success

The key to a successful divorce for families is planning. When you recognize the changes that are part of the process, you can work to dampen their effects. Divorce is never easy, but a thoughtful approach can make it less stressful.