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Preparing the right documents is key in a child custody case

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Child Custody

During a child custody dispute in Texas, one factor that is often overlooked is having critical documents prepared. This can mean the difference between getting custody or not. Parents need to show evidence to bolster their contention that the child will be better off with them.

Which documents are most important in a child custody case?

There are certain crucial documents to complete and give to the court. Parents are advised to maintain a call log listing calls with the child detailing frequency, duration and when they take place. Showing that there is consistent contact with the child indicates care and interest.

The child’s schedule during the separation needs to be given to the court. That includes when the child is with which parent, how long and the way in which custody exchanges are made.

Since one parent will have primary custody during the time leading up to the divorce, the other parent needs to show they are also taking the time to be with the child. Failure to do so can reflect poorly and hinder the attempt to win parenting time.

The child’s progress needs to be tracked. That includes school, medical care and extracurricular activities while with each parent. If there are poor grades, frequent illness or a lack of interest in activities, parents need to explain what is happening and why.

Do not forget about giving the court the information it needs

People can get emotional and fearful during a child custody dispute. Not knowing how custody will be determined inevitably stokes concern. While having the right documents properly prepared does not automatically mean a person will win their case, it is undoubtedly beneficial. The act of being fully prepared is something people should be fully aware of from the outset.