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Why women are more likely to seek a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | Divorce

Texas couples marry while expecting their relationship to last forever. Unfortunately, circumstances can mean that’s not reality and they end up in divorce. In some cases, these are gray divorces; women are more likely to seek them.

Gray divorce defined

Gray divorce occurs when couples over 50 decide to end their marriage. Although it was common for older couples to remain married a few decades earlier, more and more are calling it quits. Various factors may be involved in gray divorce, but finances and a desire for independence are common drivers.

Women seek gray divorce more

Statistics show that gray divorce is on the rise, and it has also been determined through research that 66% of cases are filed by women. Although some choose to remain married for financial security, others decide that it’s better overall to file for divorce.

One of the most common reasons why women file for gray divorce is that she and her husband have drifted apart over time. Many women change later in life compared to when they first marry; this is especially the case if the marriage took place when women were in their twenties or thirties. A woman may suddenly realize that she wants more out of life and that her marriage is holding her back.

Lack of intimacy is another common reason women choose to file for divorce in their 50s or beyond. If a spouse is no longer emotionally fulfilling a woman, it’s normal for her to begin feeling neglected and lonely. Many older women end up feeling that they would be better off alone than in a marriage where their emotional – and sometimes, physical – needs are no longer being met.

Although a gray divorce may put your financial life at risk, this is often not as important as other aspects. You may want to prioritize your quality of life above all else.