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Co-parenting communication during the chaotic summer months

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Child Custody

Summer can be a particularly chaotic time for families, especially those navigating the complexities of co-parenting. Between varied vacation schedules, summer camps and the general upheaval from the regular school-year routines, maintaining clear and effective communication can be particularly challenging. 

However, by employing some strategic planning and thoughtful approaches, co-parents can better ensure a smooth summer for both themselves and their children. 

A few tips worth considering 

If you co-parent with your ex, start the summer with a clear plan. Discuss and agree upon vacation dates, camp schedules and any special events that you each might want to take the children to. Use an online shared calendar that both parents can access and update as plans evolve, as a means of promoting transparency and facilitating effective planning. 

You can utilize technology more broadly to keep communication lines open as well. Apps designed for co-parenting can be particularly useful, offering features like message boards, expense tracking and shared calendars. 

With that said, even with the best technology and intentions can’t lead to clear-cut expectations at all times. Unexpected opportunities or issues can arise. Demonstrating flexibility can go a long way in maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship. If you or your ex needs to switch days or adjust plans, be open to discussing changes as long as they’re reasonable. 

Finally, keep in mind that summer often inspires a more relaxed routine, but it’s important to maintain the boundaries set in your co-parenting agreement. Respect each other’s time with the children by not overstepping during scheduled periods unless previously agreed upon. Clear boundaries can help prevent conflicts and misunderstandings, and can facilitate effective communication as well.